Prayer Shawl Ministry  

The ministry was started in August 2011 as a new outreach to church members and those in the community who are in need of God's healing, comfort, love and peace. The shawl is a symbol of these things and is created by members of the team who are skilled in the arts of knitting and crochet, but they are guided by the hand of God as they make the item and pray with each stitch. After it is complete, the item is then blessed and dedicated by the Pastor prior to its delivery. A person from the team or the congregation is chosen to deliver it to the person in need. A card is attached to the bag that contains the item and once given to the person the card is read and the shawl is explained as a way for them to experience God's love, peace, healing and joy.  

This Shawl was knit with love and care,
Each stitch made with a special prayer;
To warm you when you feel a chill,
And hold you when you're very ill.
To give you strength
and hope and cheer,
To let you know that God is near.
As you wrap it 'round you tight,
Know that God blesses you this night.

They are encourage to wrap it around themselves to experience this and to use it in prayer and devotion.

For more information about the Prayer Shawl Ministry, please see Julie Osanitsch.